Mission 7 Update and Release of Mission 8 Rules

Mission 7 Update

As shown in the 2017 video uploaded to the IARC website, Mission 7 behaviors have been demonstrated in 2017 by different teams, but no single team has demonstrated everything yet. Based on the outstanding 2017 performances, we suspect that ALL the required Mission 7a behaviors will be demonstrated in 2018 by one or more teams however, it could be another year or more until enough teams are demonstrating these 7a behaviors with adequate proficiency to conduct an interesting 7b demonstration. We will therefore offer prize money in 2018 to the team that BEST performs all of the Mission 7 behaviors (interacting with vehicle using “top touch” or “front blocking” to get at least 4 ground robots to go across the green line). “BEST” means that the team either gets the most robots (≥ 4) across the line (not just accidental line crossings), or the team that does it in the least amount of time if more than one team happens to get the same maximum number across the green line. Full details can be read here.

Release of Mission 8 Rules

The behaviors of 7b will be rolled into the new Mission 8 and all new teams are encouraged to enter Mission 8. The Official Mission 8 rules are available here.

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